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THK LM Guide

THK LM Guide

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Model SR-TB 

The LM block has the same height as model SR-W and can be mounted from the bottom.


Model SR-SB 

A space-saving type whose LM block has the same cross-sectional shape as model SR-TB, but has a smaller overall LM block length (L).


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Model No.        M(mm)           W(mm)           L(mm)            Mass(mm)

 SR 15SB/SBM       24                  52                 40.4                  0.15

 SR 15TB/TBM       24                  52                   57                   0.2

 SR 20SB/SBM       28                  59                 47.3                   0.3

 SR 20TB/TBM       28                  59                 66.2                   0.4

 SR 25SB/SBM       33                  73                 59.2                   0.4

 SR 25TB/TBM       33                  73                  83                     0.6

 SR 30SB/SBM       42                  90                 67.9                    0.8

 SR 30TB/TBM       42                  90                 96.8                    1.1

 SR 35SB/SBM       48                 100                77.6                     1

 SR 35TB/TBM       48                 100                 111                    1.5

 SR 45TB                60                120                 126                     2.5  

 SR 55TB                68                140                  156                    4.2 




Note1) The maximum length under “Length * ” indicates the standard maximum length of an LM rail. (See A1-222 .) 

 Static permissible moment * 1 block: the static permissible moment with one LM block 

Double blocks: static permissible moment when two LM blocks are in close contact with each other

 Total block length L : The total block length L shown in the table is the length with the dust proof parts, code UU or SS. 

If other contamination protection accessories or lubricant equipment are installed, the 

total block length will increase. 

 (See A1-507 or A1-528) 

 The M in the model number symbol indicates that the LM block, LM rail and balls are made of stainless steel. 

 The stainless steel provides excellent corrosion and environmental resistance. 

Note2) For models SR15 and 25, two types of rails with diff erent mounting hole dimensions are off ered (see Table1 ). 

 When, replacing this model with model SSR, pay attention to the mounting hole dimension of the LM rail. 

 Contact THK for details. 

Note3) The basic load rating in the dimension table is for a load in the radial direction. Use Table7 on A1-60 to calculate 

the load rating for loads in the reverse radial direction or lateral direction.



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