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THK LM Guide

THK LM Guide

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Model SRS-S

Overall LM block length (L) is less than that of 

model SRS-M.


Model SRS-M

A standard type of SRS.


Model SRS-N

Compared with model SRS-M , it has a longer 

total LM  block length (L) and a higher load rating and permissible moment.

Product Description





Model No.             M(mm)            W(mm)           L(mm)                Mass(kg)

 SRS 15S                   16                     32                  32                     0.033

 SRS 15GS                 16                     32                  32                     0.033

 SRS 15M                  16                     32                  43                     0.047

 SRS 15GM                16                     32                 43                      0.047

 SRS 15N                   16                     32                 60.8                   0.095

 SRS 15GN                 16                    32                  60.8                  0.095

 SRS 20M                   20                    40                  50                     0.11

 SRS 20GM                 20                    40                  50                     0.11

 SRS 25M                   25                    48                  77                      0.24

 SRS 25GM                 25                    48                  77                     0.24



Note) Since stainless steel is used in the LM block, LM rail and balls, these models are highly resistant to corrosion and environment.

The SRS-G is equipped with uncaged, full-complement bearings. 

For the SRS15SMN, 20M, and 25M, if a grease nipple is required, please specify upon ordering. 

Using a greasing hole other than for greasing may cause damage.


Note1) The maximum length under “Length * ” indicates the standard maximum length of an LM rail. (See A1-164 .) 

 Static permissible moment * 1 block: the static permissible moment with one LM block 

Double blocks: static permissible moment when two LM blocks are in close contact with each other

 Total block length L : The total block length L shown in the table is the length with the dust proof parts, code UU or SS. 

If other contamination protection accessories or lubricant equipment are installed, the 

total block length will increase. 


Note2) The basic load rating in the dimension table is for a load in the radial direction. Use Table7 on A1-60 to calculate 

the load rating for loads in the reverse radial direction or lateral direction.






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