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Models SVR-RH/SVS-RH Specifi cation Table⇒A1-134

 The dimensions are almost the same as that of 

LM Guide models SHS and HSR, and the LM 

block has tapped holes.


Models SVR-LRH/SVS-LRH Specifi cation Table⇒A1-134

The LM block has the same cross-sectional 

shape as models SVR/SVS-RH, but has a longer overall LM block length (L) and a greater 

rated load.

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Model No.(mm)   M(mm)      W(mm)       L(mm)       Mass(kg)

 SVR 35CH                48            100          109.5            1.7

 SVS 35CH                48             100          109.5            1.7

 SVR 35LCH                48            100           135             2.2

 SVS 35LCH                48            100          135              2.2

 SVR 45CH                 60            120          138.2           3.3

 SVS 45CH                60            120          138.2            3.3

 SVR 45LCH                60            120          171             4.3

 SVS 45LCH                60            120           171             4.3

 SVR 55CH                70            140          163.3             5.1

 SVS 55CH                70            140          163.3             5.1

 SVR 55LCH                70            140           200.5           6.6

 SVS 55LCH                70            140           200.5           6.6



Note1) The maximum length under “Length * ” indicates the standard maximum length of an LM rail. (See A1-138 .)

 Static permissible moment * 1 block: the static permissible moment with one LM block 

Double blocks: static permissible moment when two LM blocks are in close contact with each other

 For oil lubrication, be certain to let THK know the mounting orientation and where the LM block piping joint should be 


 (Mounting orientation: see A1-12 , Lubricant: see A24-2) 

 Total block length L : The total block length L shown in the table is the length with the dust proof parts, code UU or SS. 

If other contamination protection accessories or lubricant equipment are installed, the 

total block length will increase. 

 (See A1-507 or A1-528) ** A pilot hole for side nipples, when a grease nipple for a model equipped with LaCS or QZ Lubricator is needed. 

 Pilot holes for side nipples are not drilled through for models other than those stated above. 

 For grease nipple mount machining, contact THK. 

Note2) The basic load rating in the dimension table is for a load in the radial direction. Use Table7 on A1-60 to calculate 

the load rating for loads in the reverse radial direction or lateral direction.




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