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THK LM Guide

THK LM Guide

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Models SVR-C/SVS-C 

The flange of the LM block has tapped holes. Can be mounted from the top or the bottom. Can also be used in places where the table cannot have through holes for mounting bolts.

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Model       M     W      L        MASS

 SVS 25C   31     72    102       0.6

 SVS 25LC  31    72    82.8       0.8

 SVS 30C   38     90     98        1.1

 SVS 30LC  38     90    120.5    1.5

 SVS 35C   44    100    109.5    1.6

 SVS 35LC  44    100    135        2

 SVS 45C   52    120    138.2     2.7

 SVS 45LC 52    120    171        3.6

 SVS 55C   63    140    163.3     4.5

 SVS 55LC 63    140    200.5     5.9

 SVS 65C   75    170    186       7.8

 SVS 65LC 75     170    246      11



Note1) The maximum length under “Length * ” indicates the standard maximum length of an LM rail. (See A1-138 .)

 Static permissible moment * 1 block: the static permissible moment with one LM block 

Double blocks: static permissible moment when two LM blocks are in close contact with each other

 For oil lubrication, be certain to let THK know the mounting orientation and where the LM block piping joint should be 


 (Mounting orientation: see A1-12 , Lubricant: see A24-2) 

 Total block length L : The total block length L shown in the table is the length with the dust proof parts, code UU or SS. 

If other contamination protection accessories or lubricant equipment are installed, the 

total block length will increase. 

** A pilot hole for side nipples, when a grease nipple for a model equipped with LaCS or QZ Lubricator is needed. 

 Pilot holes for side nipples are not drilled through for models other than those stated above. 

 For grease nipple mount machining, contact THK. 

Note2) The basic load rating in the dimension table is for a load in the radial direction. Use Table7 on A1-60 to calculate 

the load rating for loads in the reverse radial direction or lateral direction.



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