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Product ID : SSR-XV
Product Tags : THK
Product Attributes :

Model SSR-XV:This type has the same cross-sectional shape as SSR-XW but has a shorter overall LM block length (L).

Model SSR-XW:With this type, the LM block has a smaller width (W) and tapped holes.

Model SSR-XTB:Since the LM block can be mounted from the bottom, this type is optimal for applications where through holes for mounting bolts cannot be drilled on the table.

Model SSR-XSB:This type has the same cross-sectional shape as SSR-XTB but has a shorter overall LM block length (L).  

Product Description

Structure and Features

Balls roll in four rows of raceways precision-ground on an LM rail and an LM block, and ball cages and endplates incorporated in the LM block allow the balls to circulate. Use of the ball cage eliminates friction between balls and increases grease retention, thus to achieve low noise, high speed and long-term maintenance-free operation.

[Compact, Radial Type] Since it is a compactly designed model that has a low sectional height and a ball contact structure in the radial direction, this model is optimal for horizontal guide units.

[Superb Planar Running Accuracy] Use of a ball contact structure that is highly resistant to loads in the radial direction minimizes radial displacement under radial loads and provides stable, highly accurate motion.

[Self-adjustment Capability] The self-adjustment capability through front-to-front configuration of THK’s unique circular-arc grooves (DF set) enables a mounting error to be absorbed even under a preload, thus to achieve highly accurate, smooth straight motion.

[Stainless Steel Type Also Available] A special type whose LM block, LM rail, and balls are made of stainless steel is also available. 



Model No. Height(M) Width(W)  Length(L)

 LM block


SSR 15XV 24 34 40.3 0.08
SSR 20XV 28 42 47.7 0.14
SSR 25XV 33 48 60 0.23



Model No. Height(M)  Width(W)  Length(L)

LM block


SSR 15XW 24 34 66.5 0.15
SSR 20XW 28 42 66.5 0.25
SSR 25XW  33 48 83 0.4
SSR 30XW 42 60 97 0.8
SSR 35XW 48 70 110.9 1.1



Model No. Height(M)  Width(W)  Length(L)

 LM block


SSR 15XTB 24 52 56.9 0.19
SSR 20XTB 28 59 66.5 0.31
SSR 25XTB 33 73 83 0.53



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