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How to Choose Linear Guide Correctly?


Linear guide rail is used to support and guide the moving parts, in accordance with the given direction of the reciprocating linear motion.In order to use the right type of linear guide for the right occasion.It is necessary for design engineers to understand the advantages and capabilities of different guides,and thus make a reasonable choice.

By straight line bearing and straight line shaft used together, from the appearance of cylindrical, can be assembled with a circular hole. At the same time, the linear bearing can also be used with the slider to achieve flat installation. Circular guide rail installation and use are more convenient,save space.

By square slider and square guide rail used together, from the appearance of the square. From the friction, can bear load consideration, square guide rail and slide surface contact friction, friction is large, uniform load, often need to be greased.



For the choice of circular guide rail and square guide rail, mainly from load, accuracy, stiffness, finish and other factors to consider. The typical application of square guide is the machine tool industry which requires higher load capacity, stiffness and accuracy. But after meeting the above conditions, it is difficult to meet other requirements, such as high installation requirements, high pre-cost, high maintenance costs. The circular guide rail reflects its advantages in this respect. When it is installed on the surface with less smooth flatness, it can still run smoothly. Circular guides can usually be installed more quickly and run more smoothly than square guides. In conclusion, how to choose should be based on the actual needs, choose the right plan is a good one.

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