Company Introduction-Sun Rises Group Limited-Linear Guideways Supplier


Sun Rises Group Limited, as a quality-oriented linear motion bearing solutions supplier in China, focuses on supplying qualified linear products only to clients. 

The products include linear guideways and matchable linear rails.


The linear guide is a kind of rolling guide. The steel ball makes an infinite rolling cycle between the slider and the guide rail, and the load platform can easily move linearly along the guide rail with high precision.

It features high strength, high positioning accuracy, high wear resistance, is easy to assemble, and totally interchangeable, which is perfectly suitable for high-speed motions.

Linear guideways have wide applications, it includes machining Centers, Injection Machines, Machine Tools, Punching Machines, Precision Machining Machines, Automation Devices, Heavy Cutting Machine Tools, Transportation Equipment, Marble Cutting Machines, Measuring Instruments, Grinders, etc.


Quality is the true reason that we survive in the market for many years.

In fact, lots of our clients choose to deal with us for years, thanks to our stable quality control.

Sun Rises Group Limited always aims for long-term cooperation and targets ourselves into serving the quality-oriented type of clients only.

Clients' trust and satisfaction are our pursuits and we know this is also going to be a sustainable business pattern. 


LM-TECH logo to soar in the eagle as the prototype, absorbing the eagle speed and accuracy, streamline wings can be viewed as our slider run fast and smooth.

The shape of the eagle head is the block represents our flagship product, The eye as the punchline, aiming accuracy.

In the middle of the triangle represent our service and product quality is stable, drive the team forward, improve economic efficiency for cooperative partner.


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